Dangerous (ADR) and oversized loads

Adro-Trans, Ltd. offers transport services for dangerous (ADR) and oversized loads from Europe to Baltic states, Russia and other CIS countries.

Road transportation of loads is regulated by European agreement on carriage of dangerous loads by road transport. Dangerous loads require special attention and care - as a result of incorrect transportation, harm to people and damage to environment may be done: diseases, intoxication, burns, explosions, fire, etc. All the participants, that take part in the carriage of dangerous loads, must be aware of and follow special transportation rules.

Dangerous (ADR) loads are divided into classes: from 1 class - explosives to 9 class - miscelaneous dangerous goods. Such goods can be transported loosely, packed or in tanks. Carriage of dangerous loads requires responsibility and specific knowledge. That's why we offer our service along with experience to ensure smooth entire process of tranportation.

It is important to mention that we organize carriage of oversized loads. For this purpose we select the most suitable means of transportation, necessary equipment and fill required documentation.


Classification of dangerous (ADR) loads
UN class Dangerous goods Division (s)


1 Explosives 1.1 - 1.6 Explosives
2 Gases 2.1 Flammable gas
2.2 Flammable solid
2.3 Toxic gas
3 Flammable liquid   Flamable liquid
4 Flammable solids 4.1 Flammable solid
4.2 Spontaneously compustible substance

Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas

5 Oxidising Substances 5.1 Oxidising substance
5.2 Organic peroxide
6 Toxic substances 6.1 Toxic substance
6.2 Infectious substance
7 Radioactive material   Radioactive material
8 Corrosive substances   Corrosive substances
9 Miscelaneous dangerous goods   Miscelaneous dangerous goods